Want to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2022? Here’s an Ultimate Guide

Blogging has the power to take your creative pieces to the millions of people in a few months or days, provided you take care of some important things before you start. If setting up a blog is one of your 2022 resolutions and you are wondering how to start a blog from scratch, you have come to the right place.

Getting your blog ready will not be a rocket science, if go through this ultimate guide. Trust me, you will be able to get a beautiful blog to share with your audiences. This is a time-tested way to improve your writing skills, explore new ideas that remains intact with your passion. If everything goes perfectly, you will surely be able to create a passive income.

So what is a blog?

A blog can be categorized as a website where writers share their ideas in an interesting way. This is the place where creators generally share their opinions and knowledge. It may have both text and visual contents made available on the website in an easy-to-read way. A blog should be easy for readers to find what they are looking for. With the increasing popularity of blogging, writers from across the world are using this space to share their knowledge on niche subjects. Right from home renovation to cooking, business marketing, and others, the possibility of building a rich community of readers is truly endless.

Why should you start a blog?

It depends on individuals’ preferences that why a person wants to start blogging. But some of the common reasons are:

Sharing Ideas with Audiences:

If you have ideas to share with the world and you don’t have any knowledge how to do it, then getting your blog would be a perfect way for you. This is where a blog can help you take your ideas to the world. And what makes it interesting is the way how you engage with the readers. You have freedom to demonstrate your creative skills.  

For Commercial Purposes:

A blog is not limited to your passion, rather you can use it to build a sustainable source of income as well. It offers endless opportunities to engage with your readers in the way you want. Small businesses often love using this space to promote their products or services at the lowest cost. Your creative pieces can be very much effective in making your readers feel connected with you.

Making Money Regularly:

Blogging can build a passive income for you if you do it properly. The most effective way of leveraging this space for your monetary purpose is to share quality content. You need to focus on gaining advertisements on your blog and this is the way how you will be able to earn from your blog—which is also known as an affiliate marketing.  

Building a Community:

Sometimes, people love creating an online community and it is achieved only through a quality blog. You don’t need to connect with the people individually—create engaging and interesting content to keep your readers intact.

So, you have now a better understanding—let’s learn how to create a blog from scratch. If you follow these steps, you will have a beautiful blog in the next few minutes:

Step 1: Choose the Best Platform to Create Your Blogging Space

The first thing you need to do is to decide on a blogging platform. A quick Google search will guide you through. Generally, people choose WordPress because of its feature-rich functionalities. Another popular blogging platform is Wix that offers a range of beautiful designs and templates.  

Step 2: Select a Perfect Niche That Suits Your Interest

A blog niche refers to the subject you will be writing for exclusively. If you really want to make your blog to keep your readers engaged, you should work on a specific niche. It will help you reach right audiences.

Selecting a specific blog niche also depends on your interest. What keeps you interested should be the centerpiece of your blog. For example, if you are a wedding photographer and you want to create a blog for your services, write about the topics to lure the potential couples. It should largely cover some other interesting topics such as destination wedding, bridal or groom, and others.

Step 3: Get a Perfect Domain Name

This is the most important step as a domain reflects everything what you are planning to write on. A domain name is the address of your blog—your visitors will use the address to reach your digital space.

While choosing a domain name for your blog, you need to take care of some important things such as:

  • The name should be easy to remember
  • It should be easy to spell
  • It should be related to your interests
  • It should be easy to promote

It is not a challenging task as you can find the best domain easily if you use the following tips:

  • Use keywords while searching your domain
  • Avoid using numbers or special character
  • Always try to find your domain in Top Level Domain like .com.

Step 4: Choose the Best Web Hosting

Now it comes to selecting the best web hosting services to run your blog securely. Hosting is a digital space where you store your website data securely. There are many web hosting services available with useful features, but you should go for the one based on your requirements. Some of the basic things every web hosting should offer are:

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain name
  • User-friendly cPanel

Today, some popular and highly reliable web hosting services include:

  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy
  • DreamHost

Step 5: Research Your Audiences

The next step of creating your blog is to know about your audiences. You have to find out the topics that your audiences would love to engage with. If your blog starts getting traffic, you will eventually start making money for you. Look at the latest trends and the topics being searched by the users.

Step 6: Create Your Account

Finally, it comes to setting up your account. It includes many things like choosing a design, customizing your blog, and choosing a theme that suits your niche. Whatever the blogging platform you choose, you can follow some certain steps required for every blogging platform.

  • Select your plan based on your budget and requirements
  • Create your account after filling up your personal details
  • Enter your billing information
  • Click on Sign Up

So, this is how you can set up your blog easily. Now you have to choose a theme and template that suit the topic you are planning to write on.

Step 7: Choose Attention-Grabbing Theme for Your Blog

In blogging, design and template play a great role. You may possibly miss the opportunity to attract your readers if you don’t have an attention-grabbing design. And it also helps to build your readers’ trust.

If you look forward to building a great blog website, you should invest in design and plugins.

So, these are some easy steps to create your blog from scratch and start sharing your knowledge with the world. Write your first blog and don’t forget to share the blog on your social media accounts.

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