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What is SEO? Do I need SEO for my website? What it is all about? These are the basic questions of those who are interested in knowing the SEO work and the effect of SEO in their business. You must be wondering why your competitive companies in Switzerland are displaying up locally at the first page of the major search engines- Google, Yahoo and Bing. Well, that is because they do quality SEO.

SEO service is the procedure of enhancing the visibility of your website which is also known as organic optimization.

Website Promotion Trends in Switzerland: Facts at a glance

Internet Usage

Internet Population: 5,739,300

GDP Per Capita: $41,765

Internet Market Potential (GDP*Users/million): $239,702 million

Social Media Marketing

  • The most accepted social networking platform in Switzerland is Facebook having more than 2.6 million members and 4.4 billion page views each month.
  • Twitter- 6.1 million page views a month, around 430,000 unique visitors

Search Engine Market

Google 92%, bluewin 2%, msn 1.1%, Yahoo 1%, Ask 0.1%

Mobile Users

 9.255 million

Most popular sites in Switzerland







Considering this, we can say that hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency and taking SEO services in Switzerland is must for a business to grow by leaps and bounds.

SEObysearchmakes every effort to provide you the best results. We have capable SEO specialists who help to achieve your website higher PR rank in the search engine results.

Some of the SEO services for Suisse we provide:

Link building services

  • There are various types of link building services we present like, one way link building, complete link building services, guaranteed directory link listing. We ensure that you get back guaranteed results.
  • One way link building service-where you get links to your site from other websites.
  • Guaranteed directory link building- It assures guaranteed directory link listing.
  • Complete link building – here you get back many quality backlinks .

Social bookmarking

In this process, website tagging is done for the internet for later use. You cansend the link to anyone and also see others comments.


Writingsuperior content can be one of the most essential SEO services you must avail.

Blog writing

Your blog section represents your business. It is adviced to optimize the blog on your site to get huge traffic.

Article submission

Article submission should be done on quality article content site so that it can be easily crawled by google.

Forum posting

By posting forums, URL of the website can be shared. And there, it becomes the other gateway to reach your website.

Consult the SEO Companies in Geneva and choose the best package for SEO services in Schweiz today.

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